one of a kind

Last weekend I was invited to the grand opening party for The Board Of Trade, a boutique on the edge of Vancouver’s Chinatown. I was able to meet with David and Eunice (the owners of the store) and above the hub bub of the stylish crowd, they shared their store’s story.

If you’re looking for one of a kind pieces, this is the place to go. David and Eunice source labels from all over the world and in small quantities. The chosen pieces are intentional and I feel that the store is probably a very tight edit of what their own closets probably look like.

What I’ll be back for:

-The jewelery hanging by the cash desk. Unicorns and toy soldiers cast in metal. It’s amazing.

-Shoes for my boyfriend. I’m eyeing a few pairs of slip-ons for him for Christmas.

What I’ll remember to check in regularly for:

-Tees and jackets that only 10-12 other lucky people in Vancouver may get to own.

PS: If you’re in to minimalistic design, this store is all that and more.

In love with almost every piece they had hanging in their accessories section

Clockwise: Erin of Haus of Hybrid and Ashley of Social Chair, Keiko

With David & Eunice

Memories of my childhood were in these bowls

LOVE polaroids and this was such a fun way to engage their guests.

Check out some of the pics from Shake It Media here.

Want to know more about The Board of Trade? Read about them in String Magazine.

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    • elim_chu

      Thanks so much for your comment, I totally agree! It’s one of the chief reasons I try and shop with independant local retailers.
      PS: I am heading to London in December, any neighborhoods I MUST check out? =)

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