moment for life

Things I learned at WWDMAGIC

>Things are just things and one day, they will leave you<

Breathe deeply and let go.

Last known photo of my beloved Blackberry taken approximately 30 min before it went missing

>Do get make up tips & lessons from your well made up friends<

Cameras. Are. Everywhere.

Taisa of Amahzing snap snapping away

>Less is more<

You will inevitably shop.

>Keep in touch<

Do we really have an excuse not to anymore?

Rebecca and Renee of STYLUSTE

>Get over yourself and just say “hi”<

Cheers to new friends!

Heather of LA Fashion Snob

>Mind your manners<

Please and thank you’s do go a long way.

Handwritten “thank you” note from Why This Way

>Have fun<

It doesn’t hurt to set a reminder

At Rumor Hotel for Haute Swim

I came, I saw, I learned, I took away (sorry, Vegas).

Thank you WWDMAGIC for having me back.

Thank you Macala, Kristin and Taisa for your support before, during and after.


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